Company Profile

Advanced Marine Innovation is a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered company specialising in underwater engineering for Offshore and Marine related activities.

The primary assets of the company are people and the network of experienced personnel that can be retained to provide resources matched to the needs of a project.

The company is privately owned and was formed from the core design, manufacturing and consultancy services of Deershill Engineering Ltd, formerly operating from a location near Aberdeen in Scotland.

The new location is on the South Coast of England in Gosport. The area is a centre of excellence for marine R&D. There are major research and test facilities in the immediate locality which can be retained to provide high quality project support.

The company core draws upon a progression beginning with the private design consultancy and project management services of the managing director, which was carried forward into Deershill Engineering Ltd and then one more step forward into the present organisation, AMITS.

The roots in offshore technology go back to the mid 1970s when oil first came ashore in the UK. There is much to be learnt from history and the company engineering ethic is to blend the best of the old with the best of the new. Years of experience provide a secure base to leap forward into the future.






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